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The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

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The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

Where Style meets Data

A Capsule Wardrobe sounds great… but complicated!

That’s because the typical Capsule Wardrobe advice calls for:

  1. Minimalism with no space for creativity
  2. Lavish spending on high-end only pieces 

If a bare-bones style appeals to you, go for it! And if you’re excited to splurge on a new 33–piece wardrobe, that’s totally cool! For many of us, though, forking over a ton of cash for brand-new threads or forcing ourselves into the minimalist trend by tossing out all of our faves just isn’t feasible. 

Alternative: streamline the outfit creation process to reduce choice fatigue, align with YOUR LIFESTYLE, unique tastes, and body type—and bring joy!

The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe is a true multi-tasker, working tirelessly for you across lifestyles and seasons. And it just takes 3 steps!

🖖 Discover Hidden Treasures—In Your Own Closet.

You worked hard to purchase the clothing items you already own, right? I get that. That’s why I’ll never, ever tell you to toss your closet standbys and go on a huge shopping spree (unless that’s your thing, of course!). Instead, we’re going to curate your wardrobe. 

Here’s my promise to you: there are gorgeous and versatile pieces hiding in your closet RIGHT NOW. It’s just a matter of identifying what’s already there and pairing it with other items to create chic wardrobe capsules for each lifestyle activity and season.

👉 Smart Data Make Shopping Effortless.

When you don’t know what styles, textures, or cuts make you look and feel beautiful, shopping will be a chore. Thankfully, data-driven insights can help. 

The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe Formula shows you how to access your wardrobe stats so that you can shop with effortless ease. You’ll reach ONLY for the pieces that not only complement your lifestyle, but that pair seamlessly with what’s already hanging in your closet.

👍 Dress, Pack, and Plan On Autopilot.

You’re a busy person! A perfectly aligned Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe frees you from the time-consuming stress of putting together stylish outfits, packing for trips, or planning what to wear for special occasions. 

By following the instructions provided in the template, you’ll be able to simply reach into your closet and grab the perfect outfit with zero effort. As your style begins to reflect your lifestyle and personality, you’ll fall in love with looking in the mirror!

👌 Simplify your life while maintaining your high-standards and good looks ;)

The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe is an organizational system for everything clothes-related in your life. It uses four data bases to create ✨the magic✨:

  1. My Items - This is where you organize all your clothes by tagging them with important properties such as color, brand, lifestyle, season, type of clothing, role, etc. These tags make it easy to coordinate outfits and see all your items clearly.
  2. My Outfits - This is where you easily create outfits for each activity in your life and each season. In doing so, you will discover where the gaps are in your current wardrobe and where you should invest next.
  3. My Wish-List This is where you record any items you may want to buy in the future and the outfits you are planning to create with them. You can prioritize how important these items are.
  4. My Budget - This is where you record your monthly or seasonal budget and keep track of your expenses as you purchase new items. No more wild spending on stuff you don’t need (or sometimes, even want). Shop within your budget and feel great about your purchases.

🙌 Special Features

The LCW isn’t your typical Notion template. With custom coding based on feedback from my early users, the LCW you see today is powerful while simple and intuitive to use. Here are some cool features built into the LCW:

Views: It uses all the power of Notion views including tables, lists, calendars, and galleries.

Buttons: It includes custom-coded buttons to streamline the main flows and save you time.

Dashboards: It includes a series of prebuilt dashboards to help you easily view and navigate your tasks and wishlist, and to plan your future outfits.

Analytics: You can easily run relevant analytics so you save money and time in your next shopping trip.

Progress bars: Check out the automated progress bar, which will help you monitor your budget as you purchase new items.

🙌 Take a peak inside The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

Watch the beginning of the Welcome Video to get a sense of it:

🤔 FAQs

Does the Wardrobe Organizer work with Notion’s free plan?


Does the Wardrobe Organizer come with video tutorials?

Yes. It comes with 11 video tutorial. I'll guide you every step of the way.

Can I personalize my Wardrobe Organizer?

Of course! Once you duplicate the template into your Notion workspace, you are free to make any changes you like. You can customize literally every part of it your databases, views, and dashboards to your liking.

Can I share this template?

This Notion template comes with a personal license for individual use. Please do not share it with other individuals.

What will happen after my purchase?

Right after your purchase, you will be redirected to the Notion template page, and you will be able to duplicate it into your own workspace. You’ll also receive an email with the link to the template and the option to receive an invoice.

Do you have a refund policy?

No. Due to its digital nature, we can't refund the pack if you buy it

✋ About the creator

Hi, I'm Raquel!

It all started as The wardrobe project in 2015.

I was working as a management consultant but on the side I was helping other professional women improve their personal image in a way that was compatible with their demanding jobs and personal lives...

Read the whole story at or send me your questions at

👁️ The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe: Where Style Meets Data

While fashion icons know intuitively how to select outfits with style and grace, the rest of us can lean on our wardrobe stats to make smart choices that make us look and feel our best. 

The best fashion advice is eminently practical, and I designed this template with one simple goal: to make the incredible benefits of having a Capsule Wardrobe accessible to everyone who wants to simplify the "looking good" part of their lives without having to toss 85% of their possessions—or to spend a fortune.

The 3-Step Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe Template meets you exactly where you are. You’ll be empowered to create a Capsule Wardrobe that is entirely personalized to your lifestyle. Once complete, your distinctive Capsule Wardrobe will make all the clothing-related flows in your life—shopping, selecting outfits, or packing for a trip—effortless and fun. Yes, shopping and packing can be fun! Trust me ;) 

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The Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

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